Productivity - Productivity Improvement


Cost reductions in the supply chain are achieved through three key methods:

All of these areas are underpinned by our robust processes, which combine ground up modelling with external comparisons and contains many aspects of Lean / 6 Sigma techniques to deliver tangible benefits.

Importantly, Total Logistics deliver results.  Our consultants conduct a rapid diagnosis and will only progress beyond this if we see real opportunities.


We provide analysis and best practice methodology

Our consultants conduct a rapid diagnosis by developing a “green field” model of your operation to identify potential performance improvements, based on our knowledge of best practice.  We couple this with observation and analysis of the operation to find root causes.  We also provide supporting examples and evidence from our 1,000+ project track record.

Working with your team, our consultants develop initiatives to improve operations. This approach leads to a series of quick wins and project charters for implementation. Working with the leadership of a core team of senior managers from your organisation, we structure the project to embed the benefits in your organisation.

Total Logistics typically see gains of 10% to 30% in key productivity measures across labour, space, mileage and leadtime.

Key features of our work in this area are:

  1. Focus on rapid diagnosis and quick wins – benefits typically start within 3 months
  2. Low investment, early payback
  3. High level of team ownership – promoting a continuous improvement culture

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